Developer Testing with Kent Beck

Check out this talk with Kent Beck about developer testing.

I’m worried about the distinction Kent tries to make between Quality and Healthy software. Kent’s decription of “healthy software” is what I think of as “quality software”.


One Response to Developer Testing with Kent Beck

  1. Doug says:

    Kent’s talking about the difference between extrinsic quality (which he calls quality) and intrinsic quality (which he calls health).

    Extrinsic quality is what the customer/client/business sees as the value of the software. They cannot see under the covers, so have no idea if the software reeks or not. In fact, telling them it reeks without educating them is pointless. If it works, it is good (from this point of view).

    We know about stink, so intrinsic quality to us is quality. It is the maintainability and flexibility of the code (or lack thereof).

    I think most developers may not think about quality in these terms, hence Kent’s and Avatars use of the term Health to make a point.

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