Wishing for Scrum

My current client is running our project as a heavy RUP process 😦 . Big design up front with Rose UML diagrams, tedious and restrictive coding standard, manual code review Word documents and ClearCase LT 2003 with mandatory reserved locking. I find myself
Googling Agile and Scrum much more often lately 🙂 . It’s even got me thinking that I should take the Certified Scrum Master training (or at least attend a free talk coming up at SkillsMatter).

A quick start article I found is called Begin Using Scrum

I’m also a little concerned that Scrum Alliance are too inflexible after reading “When is Scrum not Scrum?”. So perhaps formal training is not the way to go…


One Response to Wishing for Scrum

  1. Tobias Mayer says:

    The CSM course could be very useful or could be a waste of time. A lot depends on the faclitator. Unfortunately, not all Certied Scrum Master Trainers are good facilitators. many have no experience in this field at all and are simply people who are deemed (origianally only by Ken Schwaber, now by a committe of other CSM/Ts) to “get Scrum”.

    Undertanding something does not make a person qualified to teach it, so beware. I you plan to take the CSM/T course, research your trainer first.

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